Management Guide

In-game Hotkeys (Admin Only)

  • M : vMenu (Spectate, Kick, Weather, etc)
  • Shift F7 : Teleport to set waypoint on map (Must be enabled in vMenu)
  • F10 : Full Scoreboard
  • Shift Page Up : Invisibility Toggle
  • Shift ` : Toggle Gamertags
  • Shift 9 : Turn on VOIP Debug info
  • Shift , : Show debug information

In-game Commands (Admin Only)

  • /goto ID : Teleport to a player
  • /bring ID : Teleport a player to you
  • /heal ID : Heal a player
  • /revive ID : Revive a player
  • /givemoney ID AMOUNT : Give money to a player (Super Admin only)
  • /kick : Kick a player
  • /ban ID : Ban a player
  • /slay : Kill a player
  • /freeze : Freeze a player in place
  • /comserv : Open community service interface
  • /endcomserv : End community service for someone
  • /tp X Y Z : Teleport to a specific coordinates
  • /tpwaypoint : Teleport to set waypoint on the map
  • /setjob ID JOBNAME RANK# : Ask for a list of job parameters if you need them. (You can also see this in scoreboard)
  • /dv : Delete closest vehicle
  • /fdo : Delete closest object
  • /cleararea : Clear the area of dead NPC, blood, explosion scraps, etc.
  • /clsall : Clear the chat for everyone
  • /announce MESSAGE : In-game Announcement (Center of screen in red text)
  • /noclip : Toggle noclip mode to fly anywhere (use arrow keys with WASD)
  • /screfresh : Refresh the scoreboard
  • /scsort [#] : Sort the scoreboard by a column number
  • /gungame 1 : Turn on the gungame vendors (use 0 to turn off)
  • /skin : Edit your skin anywhere
  • /skinsave : Save a text version of your skin to the server for development purposes
  • /charselect : Switch characters
  • /openinventory ID : Open a players inventory
  • /oi ID : Open a players inventory
  • /eventping [BLIPSIZE] [BLIPDURATION] [NOTIFICATIONTEXT] : Send a global event map blip and notification to all players (w/ sound).

In-game Commands (Anyone)

  • /connectingcount : Get count of players connecting to the server
  • /queuecount : Get count of players sitting in the Queue

Member App Steps (Admin Only)

  • Add the Discord role to the user by typing in Discord: !addrole @USER member
  • Type ^close to close the ticket and optionally ^delete to delete it.
  • Transcripts are stored in the #ticket-tool-transcript Discord channel for reviewal later.

How to Ban?

  • Kick player from server using /kick and ban them on Discord. Done.