Voice Setup Guide

  1. Disable GTA Voice:
    • Escape > Voice Chat: Set Voice Chat Enabled (OFF) and Microphone Enabled (OFF)
  2. Download, install, and run TeamSpeak 3 from here.
    • If prompted, skip the myTeamSpeak Account dialog by clicking Continue without logging in.
    • When prompted, set your nickname to your Discord name.
  3. Click Help > Check for Updates in TeamSpeak to ensure you have the latest version.
  4. Download and install the TokoVOIP Plugin from here.
    • You cannot have any other custom plugins installed.
    • Restart TeamSpeak when prompted.
  5. Configure TeamSpeak:
    1. Tools > Options > Notifications
      1. Change Sound Pack to Sounds deactivated.
    2. Tools > Options > Capture
      1. Change Capture Device to your microphone.
      2. Set Your Push-To-Talk Hotkey: Click Push-To-Talk, then click the button labeled No Hotkey Assigned. You can use N or any other key you prefer.
      3. Check Advanced Options, then uncheck Delay releasing Push-To-Talk.
    3. Tools > Options > Playback
      1. Set your Voice Volume Adjustment to +7 dB
  6. Connect to our TeamSpeak server: Connections > Connect (Ctrl-S) to
    • Set your Nickname again in the connect dialog.
    • You will be placed in the FiveM Waiting Room channel. If not, double-click that channel to join.
    • You`re good to stay in Waiting Room. The game will move you over to the In-Game audio channel automatically.
  7. Minimize TeamSpeak, you are now connected.


  • Why are voices coming from the wrong device? Go to Tools > Options > Playback and set your Playback Device
  • I already had TeamSpeak installed, and the guide above doesnt match. What do I do? Click Help > Check for Updates` in TeamSpeak.
  • My main hotkey stops working but I can still talk on the radio? This is a known issue, restart TeamSpeak to fix until we have a resolution.
  • How do I get dark theme on TeamSpeak? Download this and install.
  • Why is my in-game voice quieter than Discord? Go to Tools > Options > Playback and set your Voice Volume Adjustment to +7 dB
  • Nothing I try is working! Run TeamSpeak as admin, and/or restart your PC.


  • Talk in World: Set in TeamSpeak on Step 5
  • Talk on Radio or Phone Call: Y
  • Change Proximity: HOME
  • Change Active Radio Channel: LEFT SHIFT-DELETE