Server Rules

This guide is for the FiveM server REDRUM ROLEPLAY.

To start your RP journey, open FiveM & Steam, then CONNECT TO SERVER and JOIN THE DISCORD


  1. We are a North-American server. You must speak and understand English at all times.
  2. You must have a working microphone with no background noise and crystal clear output. Voice changers are acceptable, but they must be understandable and not overly loud, too quiet, or extremely high or low pitched.
  3. Players with a VAC ban are prohibited. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions as our system will automatically deny all VAC-banned Steam accounts.
  4. Do not be toxic or breed toxicity of any kind.
  5. The use of glitches, exploits, or hacks is prohibited. If you find a glitch or exploit, please notify the admin team through a bug report on Discord.
  6. Abide by the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS), Twitch Community Guidelines, and Discord Terms of Service while in the city and Discord.
  7. We do not allow any form of real-world profiting off our server, with an exception for streamers who receive donations and wish to showcase our server to their audience. Our community is centered around active roleplay and creating an immersive experience for all members. We expect all individuals to participate in the server with the intention of roleplaying a character, rather than seeking monetary gains. Any attempts to profit off the server, such as selling in-game items or currencies for real world money, selling real-world services or items, obtaining real-world financial benefits, or engaging in any other form of economic exploitation, will not be tolerated. We believe that the true essence of our server lies in the enjoyment and engagement of role-playing, and we encourage all members to embrace this spirit.


Ban duration is at the discretion of the staff members, but generally speaking the process for a ban is as follows:

  1. First offence = Verbal warning from Admins
  2. Second offence = 1 week ban
  3. Third offence = 1 month ban
  4. Fourth offence = Permanent ban
  • More severe offenses can result in us bypassing the verbal warning, a permanent ban and/or a deleting character data. Examples of these may include hacking, exploiting, toxic behavior, abusive/malicious behavior, and mass VDM or RDM.
  • Upon receiving a ban, our discord bot will DM you with your ban reason and the length of the ban. You will need to have DMs enabled on Discord in order to receive this. Alternatively, you can inquire about your ban at It is your responsibility to open a ban appeal at at the end of your ban if it is not automatically removed by our Discord bot.


  1. No KOS (kill on sight) unless it is an agreed-upon between gangs in your respected territory (see Gang Guidelines below) or both parties have made a mutual introduction and understand why combat is occurring. Do not RDM (random death match) or VDM (vehicle deathmatch). You must have a logical reason for killing someone.
  2. You must value your character's life and the lives of other characters at all times. Therefore, your character's personality and mannerisms should portray fear when faced with a life threat. For example, if you have a gun pointed at you, put your hands up.
  3. Do not harass or disrespect other members or management. Instead, show respect to other players and keep the real-life drama out of roleplay. Do not use derogatory remarks regarding race, national origin, gender, religion, disabilities, or sexual preference. Do not base a character's roleplay around being heavily toxic, aggressive, or discriminatory.
  4. You have the right to bear arms inside your home, business, or place of employment. Therefore, you may use deadly force inside your home, business, or place of work if your character's life is at risk. Home and business owners may choose to disallow this at their discretion. Police may ignore hostage-takers demands while at any police precinct.
  5. New players may be taken hostage but you may not rob or kill them. A new player is any character that is 3 days old or less, indicated by a green turtle above their head.
  6. Hits and bounties on other players are not allowed.
  7. No Shooting Surrendering Players: Any player who shoots or kills another player when they are clearly surrendering, either by having their hands up or through clear in-game communication, will be subject to a 7-day ban from the server. This rule is in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable roleplay experience for all members of the community. Violating this rule demonstrates a lack of respect for fellow players and disrupts the immersive environment that we strive to maintain. Repeat offenders will face longer bans or permanent removal from the server at the discretion of server staff.
  8. Pocket Wiping is prohibited. You shall not at any time remove all items from a player unless you are law enforcement. As an example, when robbing a player you must leave consumables like food and water, collectibles like trading card, mined materials, materials for crafting and any low-value items. Robbers may take all cash that is on a player so please deposit your money at a bank often. Robbers must be respectful of all players whether they are gang affiliated or not and accommodate for roleplay.


  1. Do not have out-of-character discussions in-game unless located within the OOC underpass near zipcode 539.
  2. All locations associated with city events are considered safe zones during the entirety of the event. LSIA new player spawn, Crusade Medical, Sandy Medical Center, mine, and foundry are the only permanent safe zones (subject to change).
  3. You may not wield weapons, and you may not commit a crime of any kind inside a safe zone.


  1. Do not attempt to change how someone roleplays their character by forcing your roleplay styles on them. Likewise, please do not attempt to silence someone or talk over them while they are roleplaying. Roleplay is a two-way street, and we are here to create stories with each other, not listen to ourselves speak.
  2. Always engage in the roleplay that is taking place around you. Players who ignore other players are committing FailRP.
  3. Do not kidnap, rob, or assault EMS or medical staff for any reason.
  4. Do not kidnap, rob, or assault reporters while reporting on the scene of a crime/event. Reporters must have video or audio equipment in hand and visible to be eligible for this exemption.
  5. Do not kidnap, rob, or assault mechanics who are out on a tow. Mechanics can defend their shops against threats and respond with aggressive force if held at gunpoint at their place of employment.
  6. Do not kidnap, rob, or assault PDM workers when they are on duty inside or outside the dealership in the parking lot.
  7. Hostages cannot be friends, associates, imaginary, NPCs, or animals.
    1. 24/7 Store Robberies: Robberies at 24/7 stores do not require a hostage. It is understood that there is always a hostage in the back room (the store clerk). The police department (PD) will treat these scenarios as if a hostage is present (no breaching) and will offer the usual two demands.
    2. ATM Robberies / Vehicle Smash-and-Grabs: The PD will not attempt to arrest players on the spot for these crimes. If the police show up to one of these calls, players must stick around for a bit, interact with the PD on the scene, and then they may make a break for their vehicle. Regular chase protocols will then be in effect.
    3. Use of Force: These rules will be withdrawn if players start shooting or threatening officers in an extreme manner. The PD is still able to respond with force if the situation calls for it.
  8. Do not charge into a hostage situation without the release and safety of any hostages.
  9. Do not use plain speech when downed unless EMS inquires about your injuries. Instead, act as if your character has heavy wounds through your character's personality and mannerisms.
  10. If your character revives by any method other than a medical staff member or admin, you may not remember who or what killed you or any events that led up to your character's death.
  11. Do not return to the place of your death for at least 15 minutes.
  12. Do not seek revenge unless it is shared with you by another character through roleplay.
  13. You may not kill off your character unless you have cleared it with an admin first. Requests to "do not resuscitate" (DNR) breaks immersion for other players. You may not have funerals.
  14. Medical staff, police and reporters are not allowed to participate in criminal activity while on duty. Medical staff and Police are also not allowed when they are off duty.
  15. If you trigger an EMS alert, it is required to wait until EMS arrives on the scene if they have confirmed they are en route.
  16. If you are an EMS, do not revive downed players on-scene. Instead, it would be best if you transported downed players to a hospital for treatment.
  17. Do not impersonate law enforcement officers or medical staff. It is strictly prohibited. Please do not wear any clothing items that belong to police or medical staff unless your job permits it.
  18. Do not perform rape, erotic, mutilation, or any other extreme roleplay variation. In addition, do not perform detailed acts of torture, dismemberment, cannibalism, or other highly graphic activities.
  19. Players can be identified by their face, outfit, or individual clothing items up to 24 hours after a crime or other event. Stripping off clothing items after a crime or other interaction can still warrant a detainment by Police for questioning if they have probably cause or reasonable suspicion that you were involved in a crime or other event. We recommend changing your entire outfit before and after a crime and refraining from wearing gang colors during a crime as that would implicate the entire group.
  20. You may create fictional business storylines at a crime scene to help develop a story for roleplay, but you must not use documents that appear to be from the government. The government and justice system will never authorize such actions and will not prepare business documents for activities like these. Examples include, but are not limited to, AC Repair Personnel, Bank Vault Maintenance Technicians, etc.
  21. RedrumRP staff has the right to evict the owner of any business or house if it is not actively utilized for RP purposes. Owning a house or business simply to use it for a stash and/or just flying in every few days to keep it active is withholding RP from the rest of the city.
  22. Unsolicited Tour Guiding is Prohibited
    1. In order to ensure a positive and immersive experience for all players, unsolicited tour guiding or assistance is strictly prohibited. This includes forcing new players to participate in tours, giving unsolicited advice, or providing free items, money or vehicles without being asked. Players should be allowed to explore the city, learn, and accomplish tasks on their own terms in order to fully enjoy the authentic experience that our roleplay community offers. Violation of this rule may result in penalties such as warnings or bans, as determined by the server administration.
    2. Such unsolicited actions can break immersion by:
      1. Disrupting the natural progression and learning curve of new players, which could lead to confusion and a less rewarding experience.
      2. Creating unrealistic scenarios that do not align with the intended in-character world, thus diminishing the authenticity of roleplay.
      3. Encouraging dependency on other players, rather than fostering self-sufficiency and exploration.
      4. Potentially enabling out-of-character (OOC) behavior by providing shortcuts without in-character reason or context.
      5. Compromising the intended challenges and opportunities for character development in the game.


To refer to Gangs Guidelines and Rules click here


  1. Do not force another player to kill off their character permanently
  2. Do not force another player to empty their bank account, stashes, trunks, or any other personal storage container.
  3. Do not chain rob a player if you are part of a group of players. Only one player of the group may loot the victim.
  4. Do not use crosshair or third-party programs to gain an advantage over other players. You may only acquire a marksman license in-game to activate the built-in crosshair functionality.
  5. Do not have more than five (5) players in a roaming group. Group size limits ensure interactions remain fair and balanced. Police may only have up to 5 units in a roaming group or on scene, including Air 1.
  6. Do not stake out safe zones and rob players as they exit.
  7. Do not run into safe zones to avoid interaction with other players.
  8. Do not force other players to revive at a doctor for any reason.
  9. Do not be corrupt if you are an officer of the law.
  10. Do not trespass on military property.
  11. Do not spike strip within the immediate area of a robbery.
  12. Do not chain rob stores, banks, ATMs, or any other property and device.
  13. Do not elude police on a motorcycle or off-road unless agreed upon by all parties.
  14. Do not commit ambush roleplay by ambushing another player without them agreeing with it out-of-character. Ambush roleplay does not include taking another person hostage without the intent to harm.
  15. Do not bait other players by intentionally drawing attention away from another roleplay scenario.
  16. Do not combat log by logging out of the server in any way to avoid jail or a roleplay situation. However, if it is an emergency or your game crashes, let the other players know in Discord and log back in as soon as possible to finish the roleplay scenario.
  17. Do not drive off-road only vehicles on paved roadways unless driving to park at a nearby garage after purchase.
  18. The usage of any form of bulletproof vehicles or objects, which includes vehicles equipped with bulletproof paneling or windows (such as the back window), and the presence of bullet blocking wearable objects during gunfights are explicitly prohibited. Infringement of this rule will result in an automatic, non-negotiable disciplinary action, namely a 7-day ban from the server or worse. The severity of this penalty is designed to enforce a fair and level playing field, promoting balanced confrontations devoid of unfair advantages attained through bulletproof vehicles, or objects during gunfight scenarios.


  1. Do not use any out-of-character information to benefit your character.
  2. The use of third-party communication programs is allowed only if the shared information does not disadvantage others. That said, please try to utilize in-game communication methods such as radios, phone calls, and text as much as possible. Communicating in-game helps develop backstories and provides more immersion to everyone else.
  3. Do not stream snipe. You may not be in another player's live stream while logged in to the server.


  1. Players must create a realistic human character using the customization system.
  2. Do not dress your character to resemble an alien or animal.
  3. Nude models or portions of models are prohibited in public areas and can only be used at private events or locations.
  4. Do not make parts of your body invisible or intentionally glitched
  5. Character names add a level of immersion and must avoid being disruptive. Examples of common inappropriate or disruptive RP names include but are not limited to: a. Names that reference known people, characters, brands, places, or icons b. Names that reference slang terms, offensive language, or are just unoriginal. c. Names that consist of multiple words
  6. Do not play as a vigilante. You cannot be Batman, Spider-Man, John Wick, Jason Bourne, Daredevil, etc.


  1. Association with previously banned players can result in a ban and deletion of your account data depending on the circumstances and toxicity of the association.
  2. Association with server clones, stolen server resources, copyright violations, software piracy, piracy forums, or other illegal activity will result in a ban and deletion of your account data. Do not share this type of material in-game or in Discord.


  1. Any violation of the rules above can result in a ban and deletion of your account data. However, our administrative team has complete discretion over the enforcement of these rules. Therefore, disciplinary actions will vary from case to case. In addition, the details of these actions can significantly depend on the severity of the infraction or an individual's preceding record.
  2. You can appeal bans at If you are banned from the appeals Discord, the admin team has deemed your ban permanent, and you may not join the city again.


To report another player, please use the #create-ticket channel on Discord. Press the tilde (~) key in-game to determine a player's server ID.


In-game currency and item refunds are not distributed for bugs. However, our admin team will sometimes reward players who report bugs. Please use the ticket system in Discord to create a bug report.


  1. Discord is considered OOC (Out of Character). Therefore, topics discussed there should never be used in-game.
  2. Do not send friend invites or DMs to other players who have not solicited them.
  3. Do not DM (Direct Message) or tag any admin or mod.


You must be 18 years of age to play on this server.