Voice Setup

This guide was written for the REDRUM Roleplay FiveM server. To sign up for REDRUM Roleplay, click here.

Initial Setup

Upon connecting to the server, press the Escape key, and then adjust your GTA settings as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings > Voice Chat.
  • Set "Voice Chat Enabled" to On.
  • For "Output Device", select Your Headphone Speakers.
  • Set "Voice Chat Volume" to MAX.
  • "SFX Volume during Voice Chat" can be adjusted according to your preference.
  • "Music Volume during Voice Chat" can also be set as per your preference.
  • Ensure "Microphone Enabled" is turned On.
  • Select "Your Microphone" as the "Input Device".
  • Select "Push To Talk" as the "Voice Chat Mode".
  • Set both "Microphone Volume" and "Microphone Sensitivity" to MAX.

Next, adjust your GTA Key Binding settings as detailed below:

  • Navigate to Settings > Key Bindings > GTA Online.
  • Set "Push to Talk" to N or choose a Mouse Button as per your preference.

Key-Bindings Instructions

  • To Push to Talk, use N. (You can change this in Settings > Keybindings > GTA Online)
  • To Talk on Radio, press Y. (You can change this in Settings > FiveM)
  • To Change Proximity, press HOME. (You can change this in Settings > FiveM)
  • To Change Active Radio Channel, press DELETE. (You can change this in Settings > FiveM)

Voice Distance

When changing your voice Proximity, the in-game Head-Up Display (HUD) will reflect changes indicating the radius within which your voice can be heard. Please refer to the subsequent diagram for more details:

Line of Sight Zones

Certain designated areas on the map are identified as Line of Sight Zones. The presence of an eye icon atop your voice HUD element signifies that your character can hear others only within their line of sight and proximity. Similarly, other players can hear you only if they are within your character's line of sight and proximity. Some windows and structural elements may block the line of sight. Refer to the following diagram for an illustration of what the HUD element will look like:

Last Updated: 1/29/2024