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Server Details

  • Location: Southeast, USA

Core Features

  • 3 year community with over 3000 members.
  • Active admin team and developers.
  • Daily updates, improvements, and optimizations.
  • Discord support channels and ticketing system.
  • Launcher built-in to the website (Login at the top-right)
  • No additional software required for in-game voice.
  • Balanced economy with player owned shops and businesses.
  • Hourly backups and data redundancies with heavily optimized scripts and database.
  • Discord roles integrated with in-game permissions.
  • Multi-character creation with dozens of custom clothing options and more added weekly.
  • In-game phone with custom apps and business lines / pay phones throughout the city.
  • Player housing and business systems with wardrobes, stashes, garages, and more.
  • Custom item buffs and attrition systems
  • Extensions custom crafting and recipe system for food, items, weapons, car parts, and more.
  • Weed growing, coca plant growing, moonshining and other drug systems with custom features.
  • Custom gang territory system which influences vendor access, drug sale prices, and more.
  • Custom interiors throughout the map with new ones added weekly.

Anti-grief and Balance

  • Custom logging system for all player and admin actions
  • Custom anti-cheat and hack prevention
  • Admins are prohibited from spawning weapons, vehicles, and giving money or items

UX & Interface

  • Third-eye system (alt key) for ray cast object detection and interactions
  • Custom minimalist user interface (UI), inventory and optimized user experience
  • Custom crafting system with drugs, vehicle parts, food, and more with hidden recipes to be found
  • Custom HUD and vehicle information systems
  • Zero chat screen spam or messaging with all OOC chat strictly in Discord
  • Custom Twitter, RICO, and Yellow Pages apps
  • Heavily optimized drag & drop inventory and hot bar system
  • ID only gamer tag system for discreet roleplay
  • No scoreboard at all for immersion
  • Custom map blip system for co-workers and places of interest
  • Custom alert notification system for various jobs and roles
  • Custom Z menu radial menu for quick actions for all player types and jobs
  • Custom Stocks system with phone app

Player Systems

  • Custom health and mending system with detailed injury interface (/health)
  • DNA, bullet casing, and prints evidence system with med-kits, bandages, body, neck, arm and leg braces
  • Clothing shops, tattoo shops, plastic surgeon, changing rooms, and barber shops
  • Custom animations and emotes systems
  • Escort, piggyback, carry, tackle and drag commands and keybinds
  • /me and /do chat commands for text RP
  • Custom notes, scenes and spray-paint systems


  • Police, EMS, Car Dealer, Mechanic, Pilot, Reporter, Taxi, Your Own Role
  • Garbage collecting, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, Diving, Treasure Hunting, Farming, Trucking, and more
  • Custom HUDs for Police and EMS showing on-duty emergency personal with their callsign, rank, etc.
  • Documentation on most jobs and activities
  • Taxi meter and police radar HUDs
  • Taxi and EMS local NPC delivery jobs
  • Custom Police CAD system with full integration with player information and vehicles
  • Custom Police radar tag detection with integration with Police CAD and Bolo system
  • Reporter news props and commands with full crime alerts
  • Miranda rights and vital sign cards via command
  • Custom /taxi, /mechanic, /ems, /police, and /911 commands to call for help
  • Custom phone apps to quickly call for a Taxi, Mechanic, Air Uber, etc.

Vehicles and Housing

  • Custom vehicle parts and upgrades system (turbos, super chargers, V8 engines, drift chips, etc)
  • Custom garage system and vehicle phone app
  • Custom vehicles added frequently and all DLC vehicles
  • Custom vehicle door lock and shareable keys system
  • Custom PDM dealership script with 10 day IRL financing
  • Custom script for selling your vehicle privately anywhere in the city
  • Custom glove box and trunk system with varying capacities per vehicle
  • Custom ECU Tuner script (rare item drop)
  • DMV school and driver license system
  • Boat and submersible rentals and purchasing
  • Street racing and drifting tablet systems with vehicle phasing
  • Advanced siren controls for police and EMS vehicles
  • Seat belts and realistic vehicle crash system
  • Vehicle fuel system with custom gas station script and fuel cans
  • Single-ownership housing with item stashes, pantry, and more
  • Custom engine start/stop, trunk/hood, window commands scripts
  • Custom disabled vehicle system to call mechanics
  • Custom drift tuned vehicles and two custom drift tracks


  • Custom weed crafting system with custom models and 8 strains of cannabis
  • Custom moonshine system with custom models and 12 stages
  • Booby traps for weed plants and moonshine still sites
  • Custom fishing script with random loot drops
  • Deer hunting script with musket rifle
  • Coca-leave harvesting and processing
  • Custom dumpster diving script with random loot drops
  • NPC lap dances at strip club and custom hooker script
  • Gun range system with marksman license that enables a crosshair
  • Gym for skill training and BMX park on the beach
  • Custom base jumping script with parachute vendors
  • Carnival games such as basketball throw, dart throw, target shooting, bang the beaver, and claw game.
  • Collectable plushie pets that can be worn on your shoulder with special particle effects.
  • Paintball guns and an outdoor paintball arena

Economy and Items

  • Custom banking and ATM system (both robbable)
  • Balanced income and economy system
  • Player stocked shops around the map at player owned convenience stores, liquor stores, and more.
  • Warehouse stores for wholesale purchasing for business owners.
  • Soda machines, water machines, coffee machines, snack vending machines, etc.
  • Invoice and financing systems
  • Plenty of custom food items with varying effects and perks
  • Pawn shop and hidden vendors throughout the map


  • No dirty money with custom outlaw system
  • 40+ shops, banks, and jewelry stores to rob
  • Vehicle boosting with classes, VIN scratching and GNE crypto
  • GNE crypto vendors with special items for sale
  • VIN scratch conversion by those who find and read a hidden Knowledge Book
  • Pacific standard bank multi-step robbery (safe cracking, keypads, etc)
  • Union Depository heist with multi-step robbery and C4 explosions!
  • Random loot drops on all criminal jobs and some non-criminal jobs
  • Custom A/C (aircon) theft
  • Oil Rig heist w/ minigames
  • ATM hacking and robbery w/ minigames
  • Fleeca bank and store robberies
  • Warehouse robbery
  • Residential house robberies (actual player houses)
  • Bobcat security heist w/ C4 and minigames
  • Shipping container artifact heist w/ bolt cutting and minigames
  • Oxy runs job w/ multiple start locations
  • Residential art heist
  • Underground heist w/ C4, drilling, hacking and minigames
  • Bank truck heist w/ C4
  • Bank van heist w/ drilling, hacking and minigames
  • Vangelico heist w/ gas, drilling, and minigames
  • Player theft and body looting
  • Gunshot residue, fingerprint, and DNA systems
  • Prison system with custom interiors
  • Chop shop system with variable item payout per vehicle class
  • Automatic invoice and fine payments nightly (up to 30% of bank account)
  • Vehicles locked and require lock picks and hotwiring by default
  • Bullet cartridge evidence drop, analyzing, and cleanup system

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