Welcome to REDRUM Roleplay, a one-of-a-kind FiveM roleplay server offering an immersive and engaging experience with unique features that set us apart from other roleplay servers. Our US East Coast-based server features an active admin team and developers, daily updates, and seamless in-game interactions while providing efficient and realistic gameplay. Sign up for REDRUM Roleplay here!

General Features:

Enhanced Server Performance and Support:

  • Stable server with hourly backups and data redundancies
  • Active admin and developer team committed to regular improvements
  • Discord support channels and ticketing system available
  • United States (East) based server with daily updates and optimizations

Roleplay Essentials and Immersion:

  • In-game phone with custom apps and housing system
  • Multiple characters per player with unique customization options
  • Player-owned shops and businesses contributing to the economy
  • Cannabis growing, moonshining, gang territories, and custom interiors

Anti-Grief and Balance:

  • Custom anti-cheat and logging systems for fair gameplay
  • Strict admin rules to prevent unfair advantages

UX & Interface:

  • Smooth interaction with objects and doors using the third-eye system
  • Compact UI with custom crafting and unique apps
  • ID-only gamer tags and immersion-focused design

Player Systems & Careers:

  • In-depth health and progression systems, including various jobs and roles
  • Police, EMS, and civilian careers, all with unique features
  • Regional map blip and alert notification systems

Vehicles and Housing:

  • Extensive vehicle customization and management options
  • Single-ownership housing with in-depth features
  • Custom garage system, vehicle apps, DMV, and mechanic integration


  • Wide range of engaging activities, from hunting and fishing to crypto mining
  • Diverse criminal and non-criminal jobs with random loot drops
  • Collectible plushie pets, base jumping, and paintball for added fun

Economy and Items:

  • Balanced economy system with player-stocked shops and custom transactions
  • Wide variety of custom food items, hidden vendors, and purchase options


  • No dirty money and advanced criminal systems, such as GNE crypto
  • Numerous heists, robberies, and jobs available for criminals
  • Comprehensive crime mechanics, including gunshot residue and DNA tracking
  • Prison system and evidence management for police and criminals alike

Join REDRUM Roleplay today and immerse yourself in a new and unique FiveM roleplay experience with unparalleled features and opportunities for both casual players and dedicated roleplayers. Check out our diverse career options, participate in interactive activities, or delve into the criminal underworld – there's something for everyone. Sign up now and join the REDRUM Roleplay community!

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Last Updated: 5/8/2023