Legacy Patreon Backer Information

What happened to Patreon and what will happen to the perks that I previously subscribed for?

We have switched to a new system for monthly memberships called Tebex. You are welcome to maintain your current Patreon subscription to obtain the Patreon exclusive merchandise listed below but we will not be accepting any new Patreon subscriptions going forward. All Patreon Discord roles and stipend perks will remain in tact until you cancel on the Patreon website.

All new subscriptions should be placed through https://store.redrumrp.com/.

Please visit this page for more information.








Tote Bag


Tote Bag
Blueprint T-Shirt

Patreon Merchandise Information

Global Shipping Included

Merch ships worldwide, and shipping is included for free. Learn more.

Merch is earned after 3 payments

You will receive the item one time after three consecutive payments.

What if I have already been pledging for 3 months at the eligible tier? Will I receive merch?

Patreon does not take into account historical patronage to a merch tier. You will have to stick around for an additional 3 consecutive successful pledges in order to become eligible to receive the merch.

What happens if I downgrade my pledge within the 3 month timeframe?

To qualify for the merch benefit, you must pledge for 3 consecutive successful payments to any tier that includes the merch benefit. Otherwise, you will no longer qualify for the merch benefit.

How do I update my mailing address?

You can Manage your membership at: patreon.com/pledges and fill out the Shipping Address field associated with your pledge. Note that if you do not have a shipping address on file, you can add one in your Settings Profile.

What do I do if my merch is lost or damaged?

In the event you receive a damaged item, or your item is missing, please contact Patreon at merch@patreon.com for assistance and they will cover the cost of lost packages and damaged goods within reason.

Have a question that's not listed here?

Please contact Patreon at merch@patreon.com.
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