This guide was written for the RedrumRP FiveM roleplay server. To sign up, click here and follow the instructions.


  • On/Off Duty Waypoint: /setgps 264 -1356
  • Headquarters Menu (Change Clothes, Boss Menu):
    • /setgps 270 -1363
  • Hospital Entrance and Vehicle Spawner:
    • /setgps 295 -1446
    • /setgps 306 -1434
  • Bandages and Med-kit:
    • Inside Hospital, 3rd Floor, Back Right


  • Revive Player - This allows you as an EMS to bring the target player “back to life”.
  • Heal Small Wounds - This allows you to heal minor health issues.
  • Treat Serious Wounds - This allows you to heal major heath issues.
  • Put In Vehicle - This allows you to put a patient in the back of your ambulance.

Ten Code

  • 10-5 Relay
  • 10-6 Busy
  • 10-7 Out of service
  • 10-8 In service
  • 10-9 Repeat
  • 10-19 Return to (Pillbox/Sandy Shores ETC)
  • 10-20 Location
  • 10-22 Disregard
  • 10-23 Arrived at scene
  • 10-41 Beginning of duty
  • 10-42 Ending of duty
  • 10-74 Negative
  • 10-76 En route
  • 10-77 ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • 10-78 Need assistance


Rules and Procedures

  • Follow traffic laws to a reasonable extent
  • Do not use code (lights and sirens) unless responding to an emergency call
  • Wear proper EMS related attire while on duty.
  • Do not use personal vehicles while on duty.
  • Do not use EMS provided ambulances while off duty.
  • Do not commit any crimes, or aid in any crimes while on duty
  • Alert police to any serious crimes you see being actively committed.
  • Do not notify police of any recent drug use by patients, that is patient privacy protected health care information and is not to be shared with any outside parties.
  • Avoid carrying firearms while on duty, tasers and flashlights are encouraged.
  • Refill your med-kits and bandages whenever possible to try and stay full.
  • Try and keep yourself busy and maintain RP during downtime.
  • All junior EMT’s must be accompanied by a senior EMT unless given permission to ride solo prior to shift.
  • Chain of command is Junior EMT > EMT > Senior EMT > EMT Supervisor > Medical Director.
  • You have a Duty to Act, an obligation to provide care to patients when it is within your capabilities.
  • Be professional but have fun
  • Do not use helicopters while on duty, the current risk they prove does out outweigh the benefits.
  • You can use the ambulance to transport patients to destinations, do not use the ambulance as a taxi. Civilian “ride alongs” are permitted if approved by leadership EMS.

On Scene Duties

  • Your safety is priority, do not enter a dangerous scene until secured by police, make contact with the police before approaching a patient and ensuring there is no current threat. This is known as your “Scene size up”
  • Upon a scene being deemed safe, and it becomes a medical or trauma situation you are in charge of the scene.
  • Do not treat patients in roadways unless necessary, move all ambulatory patients to sidewalks as soon as possible.
  • When receiving a call attempt to notify the caller that you are responding with a text back.
  • Introduce yourself to the patient(s) and get their information in return.
  • Treat patients in order of most serious perceived injury.
  • Do not let a patient leave immediately after resuscitation, remind they they just had a serious injury, and need further treatment before leaving.
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