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This guide was written for the REDRUM Roleplay FiveM server. To sign up for REDRUM Roleplay, click here.

Gangs Leaders

  1. Each gang leader is expected to make sure that their gang members are following server rules.
  2. You (as a leader) should only be recruiting trustworthy people, and as such, they are your responsibility, not the server admin or development teams.
  3. Each gang can't have more than 20 members. This is the gang leader responsibility.
  4. Gang leaders should register their gang in a ticket and provide the required info.
  5. Each leader should make sure that whoever is he recruiting may not be in another gang, or have another character in a rival gang.

Gang Conflict

  1. Gang conflict may only start over real roleplay reasons and not the interaction between one individual or based on a player's comment.
  2. All gang violence should be avoided in safe zones and community posted event locations.
  3. During a gang conflict, it is prohibited to contact 911 or press the G key to call EMS systems to get revived. If Law Enforcement or EMS appears on scene, it is under their own volition. LEO and EMS are not required to continually revive gang members where shootouts are happening. They will not be a gang’s personal revive service.
  4. Do not brag about gang conflict outcomes on Twitter or other forms of communication. Scorecards should be kept low-key. For example, do not tell Twitter how many people you have killed or post photos of the aftermath.
  5. Gangs should not have more than 5 individuals to be involved in any scene, whether if it was a gang conflict on their turf or elsewhere.
  6. If a gang wins a conflict they may not talk to downed rival gang members.
  7. Gang members may only "Blackout" if doing a non gang related crime with an Unaffiliated Player.
  8. Gang members cannot do jobs/crimes with other gangs or members of other gangs.

Gang Conflict Process

  1. Gang conflicts work on a daily process.
  2. One attack and one retaliation from the defending gang is allowed per day. This process of attack & retaliate can only be repeated for seven days, after which, conflict should pause for 3 days.
  3. During the attack & retaliation process, the attacker can only attack again once the defender has retaliated.
  4. Gang Leaders can break the process at any time during the seven days by requesting for peace in another face to face meeting between gang leaders.
  5. During a war, only 2 vehicles can be involved per gang. Vehicles should not be used to ram each other.
  6. Gang involvement in shootouts and gang wars is strictly limited to the gangs involved. No outside gangs may interfere.

General Gang Guidelines and Rules

  1. Do not force people to change the colors of their vehicles, clothing, or hair. You may only use colors to identify your organization or gang. Only one organization or gang may identify with an individual color at a time.
  2. Do not chain rob other gang members or target other gang members repeatedly.
  3. Gangs should not be overly friendly, soft, or otherwise non-combatant in the event of a conflict or financial reason.
  4. Gang members may not kill players who are not associated with a registered gang or considered solo, unless attacked or provoked by the non-gang player.
  5. Do not bad-mouth other gang members or be toxic or you will face server bans.
  6. Failure to abide by any of the rules will risk all members of a gang losing their gang status or even earning subsequent server bans.
  7. Gang members may not "blackout" to avoid gang affiliation being known.
  8. Gang members cannot do jobs/crimes with other gangs or with members of other gangs or orgs.
  • Those guidelines are subject to change any time, an announcement will be made upon changes.