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On this page you will find enough information about the server to get you started with the RedrumRP FiveM roleplay server.


Click here for information on our server features and infrastructure.

Who's Streaming our Server

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Sign Up Bonus Active!

As a new member, you receive $5,000 daily in-game for the first 3 days (paid at 8AM EST).

How to apply (PC only):

  1. Click here to join our Discord and then read the "#start-here" channel.

How to connect (PC only):

  1. Open Steam and Discord and leave them running in background.
  2. Download and install GTA 5 (from Steam or Rockstar Launcher)
  3. Download and install FiveM by clicking here.
  4. Then, click "Login" in the menu above and log-in using Discord.
  5. Lastly, click the "Join Server" button on the homepage to connect to the server.

How to set up voice:

Set up your in-game voice by following these instructions.