Keybinds & Commands

These keybinds were written for the RedrumRP FiveM roleplay server. To sign up, click here and follow the instructions.

Main Interaction Keys

  • Z : Quick Menu
  • HOLD ALT (THIRD EYE) : Hover over items then left click to interact.


  • 1-5: Hotkey Assignments (Press F2 and drag items to set)
  • Tab: Unequip weapon
  • B: Point and Cruise Control
  • X: Hands Up
  • Z: Quick Action Menu (Stop button inside)
  • H: Hotwire a car while inside
  • 7: Set GPS to active alert (Police, EMS, etc.)
  • ALT-7: Remove active waypoint from map.
  • ALT-8: Send GPS ping for backup request to those on duty. (Police & EMS)
  • SHIFT-G: Loot a dead body
  • SHIFT-G: Steal from a person with hands up (Weapon must be drawn.)
  • U: Vehicle Locks (Inside or Standing Next To - Must be owner)
  • K: Open clothing radial menu and use seatbelt
  • LEFT CONTROL-C: Crouch
  • SHIFT-C: Crawl
  • Z: Stop Animation / Abort
  • F1: Phone
  • F2: Inventory
  • F3: Animations (Z to stop)
  • F5: List Owned Vehicles
  • F6: Job Menu (Visit ‘Job Center’ to obtain a job first)
  • F7: Invoices
  • F10: Playerlist
  • N: Push to Talk
  • ~: Toggle Player IDs
  • G: Police Radar and Plate Reader and Seatbelt
  • LEFT CTRL + ~: Toggle Minimap on Foot
  • LEFT ALT + ~: Toggle Voice Tags
  • LEFT ALT + G: Taxi Meter
  • Hold LEFT CTRL: Vehicle HUD
  • LEFT CTRL + LEFT ARROW: Open/Close Driver or Left Passenger Door
  • LEFT CTRL + RIGHT ARROW: Open/Close Right Passenger Door
  • LEFT CTRL + UP ARROW: Roll Up Window
  • LEFT CTRL + DOWN ARROW: Roll Down Window
  • LEFT CTRL + BACKSPACE: Seat Shuffle
  • LEFT CTRL + H: Open/Close Hood
  • LEFT CTRL + T: Open/Close Trunk
  • LEFT CTRL + E: Toggle Engine or Sit
  • LEFT ARROW: Toggle Left Indicator
  • RIGHT ARROW: Toggle Right Indicator
  • Engine Always On: Hold F when exiting vehicle
  • Leave Door Open: Hold Shift+F when exiting vehicle
  • LEFT SHIFT + E: Tackle nearby player

Voice & Radio

  • /radio [100-400] : Join a Radio Channel
  • /radio off : Turn off the radio
  • /jobradio : Toggle your job radio
  • Talk in World or Phone Call: N (Change in Settings > Keybindings > GTA Online)
  • Talk on Radio: Y (Change in Settings > FiveM)
  • Change Proximity: HOME (Change in Settings > FiveM)
  • Change Active Radio Channel: DELETE (Change in Settings > FiveM)
  • /radiovol [1-100] : Control the volume of voices on the radio.
  • /callvol [1-100] : Control the volume of voices on a phone call.
  • /radiobeepvol [1-100] : Control the volume of radio beeps.
  • /radiopowervol [1-100] : Control the volume of radio power sounds.

Chat Commands (Press T)

  • /drag [ID] : Start/Stop dragging a player, specified by their ID
  • /hood : Open hood while in a vehicle
  • /trunk : Open trunk (and view contents if outside vehicle)
  • /glovebox : Open glovebox and view contents if inside vehicle
  • /gb : Open glovebox and view contents if inside vehicle
  • /engine : Toggle engine
  • /do [Message] : RP Information
  • /me [Message] : Personal action
  • /setgps [X] [Y] : Set GPS Waypoint
  • /getpos : Get World Coordinates
  • /id : Returns your server ID
  • /onduty: Show the amount of players on duty with your job.
  • /seatshuffle : Move to drivers seat if passenger
  • /mic : Microphone (E to activate, Backspace to exit)
  • /cam : News Camera
  • /bmic : Mic Boom
  • /pet: Pet Menu
  • /win or /window : Roll windows up or down
    • /window all up
    • /window 1 up
    • /window up
  • /door : Open or close doors
    • 0 is hood, 1-4 passenger doors, 5 is trunk
    • /door all open
    • /door 1 open
    • /door open
  • /rollup : Rolls up the closest window.
  • /rolldown : Rolls down the closest window.
  • /cuff : Cuffs the closest player (Police Only)
  • /escort : Escorts the closest player (Police Only)
  • /gsr : Check suspect for Gunshot Residue (Police Only)
  • /givekey [ID] [PLATE W/ NO SPACES] : Give keys for vehicle
  • /givecash [ID] [AMOUNT] : Give cash to player from pockets
  • /rack : Rack/unrack large weapons from a vehicle trunk
  • /checkloan: While seated in vehicle, this will tell you how money you owe on your vehicle (if any), and how much time you have to repay it
  • /payloan [amount] : Repays x amount off car loan
  • /mcard : Miranda Rights
  • /vcard : Vital Signs Cards
  • /health : Check your injuries
  • /healthother : Check the closest players health
  • /mendother : Use a medical brace on the closest player
  • /tab, /tablet, /cad, /help, /rules, /wiki, /changelog, /news : Tablet
  • /ems, /medic : Send your GPS coordinates to all EMS
  • /911 : Send your GPS coordinates to all EMS and Police
  • /mechanic : Send your GPS coordinates to all Mechanics
  • /taxi : Send your GPS coordinates to all Taxi drivers
  • /ping [ID] : Send your GPS coordinates to another player
  • /roster : View the a roster list for your current job. (Police, EMS, and Mechanic only)
  • /helmet [on or off] : Take helmet off or put back on.
  • /hat [on or off] : Take hat off or put back on.
  • /lighteffects : Change the color of your headlights.
  • /selldrugs or /sd : Initiate drug deal with the closest NPC.
  • /report [ID] [REASON] : Report a player for abuse
  • /idcards : View your wallet and/or present your ID cards to the closest player.
  • /wallet : View your wallet and/or present your ID cards to the closest player.
  • /showid : View your wallet and/or present your ID cards to the closest player.
  • /lastid : Display the last ID given to you from someones wallet.
  • /changeclothes : Change Clothes when inside certain vehicles such as Campers
  • /backup : Request backup from other players with the same job.
  • /bag (Variants)
  • /bracelet (Toggle)
  • /ear (Toggle)
  • /glasses (Toggle)
  • /gloves (Variants)
  • /hair (Variants)
  • /hat (Toggle)
  • /mask (Toggle)
  • /neck (Toggle)
  • /pants (Toggle)
  • /shirt (Toggle) (Also takes off gloves)
  • /shoes (Toggle)
  • /top (Variants)
  • /visor (Variants)
  • /watch (Toggle)
  • /revertclothing (Simply puts every toggled item back on)
  • /bagoff (Toggle)
  • /sellcar [price : List a car for sale anywhere in the city (Up to 5 cars; Used Car Dealer up to 8 cars)
  • /park : Park your vehicle anywhere in the city, have it frozen in place, and persist across server restarts (Up to 3 cars)
  • /ragdoll : Toggle ragdoll on and off
  • /hud : Hide/Show the HUD elements for screenshot purposes
  • /hudleft : Set the HUD to show on the left side of the screen.
  • /hudbottom : Set the HUD to show on the bottom center of the screen.
  • /hidemapblip : Hide yourself on the map for other players with the same profession.
  • /vehiclesparked : Show parked vehicles on the map (Mechanics and Police Only)
  • /vehiclesforsale : 
    Show for sale vehicles on the map (Mechanics and Police Only)
  • /putinvehicle : Put a player into a nearby vehicle
  • /pullfromvehicle : Pull a player from a nearby vehicle
  • /pn or /phonenumber : Send your phone number to nearby players
  • /resethud or /resetui : Reset the UI elements whenever they get stuck or you cant move (can type in F8 without the slash as well)
  • /scene [TEXT] : Create or update a scene on an object.
  • /scenehide : Toggles hiding scenes.
  • /sceneremove : Remove a nearby scene, if you own it or you are a Police officer.
  • /steal : Steal from a downed player or a player with their hands up (You must be armed)
  • /phone : Power your phone on and off.

Plane Smoke

  • /smoke : Toggle the smoke trail on or off
  • /smokecolour : Sets the colour of the smoke (RGB Based, e.g: /smokecolour 255 0 0 = Red smoke)
  • /smokesize : Sets the size of the smoke (Floats also work) - Default: 0.3

Vote to Kick (Member Use Only)

  • /votekick [ID] : Starts the vote-to-kick process
  • /voteyes : Votes yes on the active vote-to-kick
  • /voteno : Votes no on the active vote-to-kick
  • /cancelvote : Admin command to cancel the current vote

Street Racing

  • /race clear - Clear race waypoints from the map
  • /race leave - Leave currently joined race
  • /race record - Record checkpoints using map (place waypoints on closest road)
  • /race save [name] - Save race to your own personal list of races (shared between all your characters)
  • /race delete [name] - Delete a race from your list of races
  • /race list - List all of your saved races
  • /race load [name] - Load a race from your list of saved races
  • /race start [amount] [delay] - Start currently loaded race using the provided amount and optional delay join time (seconds)
  • /race cancel - Cancel race

    POLICE & EMS: Vehicle Sirens

    • Keyboard:
      • Toggle Lights: CAPSLOCK
      • Toggle Siren: Comma
      • Auxiliary Siren: Up Arrow
      • Load Horn: E
      • Manual Siren / Change Siren Tone: R or Period

    POLICE: In-car Radar

    • Press LCtrl + G to open the radar menu while in a police vehicle. Then, click “Toggle Radar” to enable the radar.
    • Button Meanings:
      • XMIT - Turns on/off the antenna.
      • OPP - Makes the antenna scan traffic in the opposite lane.
      • SAME - Makes the antenna scan traffic in the same lane of travel.
      • Set Fast Limit - Set the speed a car must be travelling to be detected.
      • Toggle Speed Type - Switch between MPH and KPH.
    • A beep will sound when a car is detected above the limit. Their top speed will stay in the box.
    • Remove previous vehicles saved speed and reset by pressing G.

    POLICE: Night Vision and Thermal Vision

    • Press E while in the Police Maverick helicopter
    • Right-click to cycle between modes

    Animation Commands

    • F3 : Display emotes menu
    • /e c : Cancel animation
    • /emotemenu : Display emotes menu
    • /emotes : Display all emotes in chat
    • CAPS LOCK : Favorite Emote (bindable in F3)
    • LEFT SHIFT + U : Ragdoll
    • /walks : Display all walking styles
    • /walk WALKNAME : Change walk style
    • /e EMOTENAME
      * See F3 menu for emote command names.
    Close (esc)


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