Server Rules


  • We are a English speaking server, you must speak English at all times and be able to understand it.
  • You must be 18 years or older to apply for Membership to RedrumRP. This is non-negotiable.
  • Players with VAC banned steam accounts are prohibited. We CANNOT make exceptions for this as our system denies all VAC banned Steam accounts automatically.
  • You must have a working microphone with no background noise and crystal clear output. Failure to do so will result in you being banned until it is fixed.
  • You are required to have an account on the RedrumRP Discord server to get the correct roles and permissions.
  • Should disagreements or instances of rule-breaking arise, the first thing you should do is try to roleplay through it, without breaking character. If that doesn't work, open an Abuse Report ticket in our #support Discord channel. Out of character (OOC) arguments will not be tolerated.
  • The use of glitches, exploits, or hacks will result in an instant ban from the server. If you find a glitch or in-game exploit please notify the team through a bug report on the #support Discord channel.
  • Reporting a player must be done through the Abuse Report form on the #support Discord channel. Likewise, bug reports should be submitted through the Bug Reports form on the same channel.
  • Voice changers are acceptable but they must be understandable and not overly loud, extremely high/low pitched or too quiet. This is up to managements discretion.


  • Discord is considered OOC (Out Of Character). Topics discussed there should never be used in-game.
  • Do not use text chat in-game for OOC issues. Use Discord for this.
  • Never DM (Direct Message) or tag a Admin.
  • Only use the ticket forms found in the #support Discord channel for discussing possible issues.
  • If rules are violated, press the Tilde (~) key in-game to determine a players server number. This will help our team determine the identity of the individual.

Respect Other Players

  • Derogatory remarks directed to others regarding race, national origin, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference in OOC will not be tolerated. Do not base a character's RP around being heavily discriminatory either. Any form of repeated harassment or disrespect in this manner will result in immediate consequences.

Never Ignore Roleplay

  • You are expected to engage in the roleplay that is taking place around you on RedrumRP. This is not to say that upset characters cannot ignore someone, or that angry characters cannot say "No!" to ideas and invitations, however players that simply ignore everything and everyone around them will be seen as engaging in FailRP.

Player Interaction

  • Be creative and move about the city from time to time as a realistic daily routine would be unless at the character's assigned place of employment. (Occasional RP situations excluded)
  • Hostages cannot be friends or associates and they cannot be imaginary or NPCs.
  • The only safe zone is the Job Center and Pillbox. Crime or assault of any kind is prohibited at this location.
  • RDM (Random Death Match) & VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) are prohibited against any player if verbal interactions has not occurred. Those who commit random acts of violence like this will be banned.
  • Characters must have a logical reason for killing someone. Both parties need to understand why they were killed. Verbal interaction between parties prior to attacking someone is required.

Value of Life

  • At all times during roleplay, you must value your life and the lives of others. Your character is mortal and only has one life. They should act according to their personality and mannerisms when faced with a threat to their life. This does not mean that a "brave" character can ignore a gun pointed at them. Failure to abide by this rule may be seen as power gaming and/or FailRP.
  • If you are on-duty and at your place of work, you may draw your weapon on anyone who has pulled their weapon on you in an effort to protect your life and the business property. This is the only exception to the FearRP rule and business employers may choose to disallow this at their own discretion.
  • EMS may not be kidnapped for any reason what so ever.
  • Players are human. If you have a gun pointed at you, put your hands up. Pulling a weapon during this situation is considered FailRP and you will be banned for this. Your characters life is important, so act as such.
  • Value the life of others. If a criminal has a hostage, players need to value the life of that hostage as much as their own.
  • Do not charge into a hostage situation without the release and safety of that hostage.

New Life Rule (NLR)

  • A NLR or new life rule means that if killed you won't recall who or what killed you or the events leading up to your character being downed if you force-respawn or log out. You may not return to the place of your death for at least 15 minutes and you may not seek revenge unless it is shared with you who killed the character through RP. If your character is downed, a local doctor can carry you to the hospital to treat your wounds to avoid NLR. Pressing H or G to force-respawn is considered a case of NLR.

Character Customization

  • Players must create a realistic human character using the customization system.
  • Admins may request a player to change their character's customization if they deem it unfit for the server environment.
  • Characters must dress appropriately for the weather, or at least roleplay the downsides of wearing inappropriate clothes.
  • Players must only obstruct their face when they have an in-character reason to do so such as a robbery or when it makes sense to have their face obstructed where they are.
  • Do not dress your character to resemble an alien or animal.
  • Do not make parts of your body invisible or intentionally glitched
  • Do not wear clothing that does not fit with the current weather (i.e. A face mask on the beach during summer, or a winter jacket during the summer)


  • EMS are not allowed to participate in criminal activity while on duty.
  • Be realistic and role-play your injuries. Use voice and actions (/me or /do) to RP with EMS. Do not force respawn in an active situation.
  • If an EMS alert is triggered, it is required to wait until EMS arrives on the scene if EMS have confirmed they are en route. It is okay to use the /twt system to check to see if there are EMS in the city.

No Breaking Character

  • Do not break character or use OOC terms while IC, unless you are approached by an admin or require assistance from an admin. Please use Discord or OOC chat to ask for an admin.
  • Do not use terms in-game like "going to the government", threatening to get someone "deported", citing rule number violations, or tell someone their RP is "Fail RP". Please use the #support Discord channel to report abuse.
  • It is considered breaking character if a player continuously attacks NPCs (non-player Character) repeatedly. Occasional or accidental NPC attacks are acceptable, but repeated RDM or VDM against NPCs will not be tolerated.

No Metagaming

  • Do not use any OOC information originating outside of the game. This includes taking ingame info and passing it to others outside of the game in OOC to gain advantage over a situation. The use of third party communications that players in-game cannot hear is allowed, unless the information shared inhibits RP or is used as an advantage over other players in-game.
  • Stream Sniping - Do not watch someone's stream while in-game on the same server that player is streaming. There are NO exceptions for this. We understand that you want to show support for our other members, but you are already showing support by being in the city and interacting with them. Your support is then being given in the form of content for their viewers. This can result in a ban. Please only view streams while you are out of the server at that time. We want all of our members to be able to share their content with the world, but without fear of their content being used by others for any unfair advantages. Following other players around in-game if they do not want the company will result in a ban.

No Power Gaming

  • Using mechanics or role-playing mechanics that do not have existing mechanics in-game. Players cannot force someone to permanently kill their character or empty their bank account.
  • Crosshairs or third-party programs that give an advantage others do not have are prohibited. You may use first-person view to look down the sights of a weapon.
  • Criminals may not have more than 5 people directly in an active crime situation.
  • Do not scam another player/victim for more than $30,000 total in cash. Items and weapons do not count towards the $30K and are open game. This is a per victim rule and therefore if you are in a group, a single victim should only lose $30,000 total in cash. Example: In a 5 versus 1 scenario, the one victim can only lose $30,000 in cash at the most. Therefore, one person in your criminal group should take point on robbing the player and then should split the $30K with the rest of the group. Anybody in this group shall not rob the same player again for at least 30 minutes from the time of incident or their revival/departure of a hospital. As such, you shall not stake out the hospital and rob the player as they exit.
  • Players cannot force police or civilians to revive at a doctor.

Safe Zones (Outlined in green on map)

  • No violence or kidnappings.
  • No brandishing a weapon.
  • Conceal carry and holster carry of a handgun is allowed.


  • Handguns and shotguns can be stored in a vehicle storage compartment (loaded or unloaded).
  • Long guns and rifles can be stored in a vehicle storage compartment ONLY if they are unloaded.

No Ambush Roleplay

  • You may not plan to ambush other characters without first consulting the player directly through either Discord. You must also inform a member of our staff team. This is considered ambush roleplay and can sometimes be seen as RDM or power gaming. Ambush roleplay is defined as a surprise attack by people in a concealed position. The only exception to this is if you are taking the person hostage by surprise.

No Baiting

  • This is the act of intentionally drawing attention to yourself from Law Enforcement because, but not only, you're bored and/or feel like having a chase, shootout, or other "dramatic" interaction with Law Enforcement. Do not intentionally bait police into chasing for a high-speed chase, a ambush situation, or any other scenario they have not agreed to OOC.

Non-Player Character Interactions

  • The NPCs around the map are to be treated with the same level of respect that you'd give to any Player Character that you encounter. It's common and okay, to refer to them as "locals" but it's not acceptable to treat them as disposable. Without these NPCs the world you roleplay in would feel incredibly small.

No Impersonation

  • Do not impersonate Law Enforcement Officers or Medical Staff. It is strictly prohibited. Any clothing linked to these roles should not be worn unless approval has been given by our staff team.

Third-Party TOS

  • Because we are a streamer friendly server, roleplay and/or behavior that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS), Twitch Community Guidelines, and chat that violates Discord Terms of Service is strictly prohibited.

No Extreme or Sexual Roleplay

  • We do not tolerate any form of terror, racism (including racist language), sexism (including sexist language), sexual harassment, or rape roleplay. Likewise, erotic roleplay is strictly prohibited.
  • Roleplay through which a character may be killed, significantly altered, disfigured, or which would realistically change the long-term behavior of a person must be agreed to by the parties directly involved.
  • Players are not allowed to perform detailed acts of torture, dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely graphic activities while any of the parties are streaming or "wearing body cam". These activities should be performed in private.


  • Completely nude models are prohibited.

No Combat Logging

  • Do not log out to avoid jail or a role-play situation. If it is an emergency or the game crashes, try to log back in as soon as possible and finish the RP scenario.

Emergency Services

  • Both sirens & flasher lights are required for violent crimes or for clearing an intersection. Flasher lights must remain on when exiting the vehicle.
  • EMS and Law Enforcement officers are not allowed to commit crimes while on duty.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

  • If and when a player decides to DOA their character, players are required to DELETE that character on the character select screen.


  • Aircraft can be used if found within the city. It is recommended to seek out pilot training before attempting to fly one.
  • Please only drive Monster Trucks outside of the city.

No Unrealistic Role-play

  • Use of a phone (including twitter) or a weapon while in jail, prison or any form of detainment is considered FailRP.
  • Vigilante RP is not allowed. Players are not Spider-Man, John Wick, Jason Bourne, or Daredevil. (Sometimes the admins do provide semi-RP situations during late hours for levity)

No Mass Dropping Items

  • Do not mass drop items as this will kill server performance. 1-3 items dropped at a time please.

Weed Crafting

  • Large quantities of weed can be transported on your person or in your vehicle if you carry a license from the Cannabis Dispensary. Otherwise, this will be considered possession with intent to sell.
  • Growing weed on public land is illegal and violators will be prosecuted with Drug Manufacturing. All your plants will be burned by the Police.
  • Growing on your own private property is allowed and is NOT a punishable act. You must own or rent the house through the in-game housing system.
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