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Suggested FiveM Graphics Settings

The following screenshots depict our suggested GTA graphics settings when playing on the RedrumRP FiveM server and using a Nvidia 2080 TI and a 1440p resolution monitor. With these settings, you should achieve 100FPS or higher in most locations.

This guide was written for the REDRUM Roleplay FiveM server. To sign up for REDRUM Roleplay, click here.

Important Notes:

  • For faster or newer cards, we recommended that you stay with these settings due to the limitations of GTA and how the game handles graphics memory.
  • For less powerful cards or larger resolution screens, you may need to decrease some of the settings to achieve a reasonable FPS. Do not lower the Extended Texture Budget setting until you have lowered other settings first.
  • The display resolution in these screenshots is slightly smaller than 1440p but these settings should suffice up to 1440p.
  • The Extended Texture Budget setting was added by FiveM to allow GTA to use more of your GPU memory.
  • Custom FiveM addons such as cars, clothing, and interiors increase your GPU memory consumption and is why this setting is so crucial.
  • Only lower the Extended Texture Budget setting if the bar at the top is not in the green and only after you have lowered other settings first.
  • Always keep an eye on the bar at the top of the GTA graphics settings page when you change any setting. You want to keep this in the green at all times.
  • Scaling up from any of the following settings will likely cause "play-dough" graphics/terrain and/or cause you to fall through the map... even on the most powerful GPUs.
  • We will not provide support if you exceed these settings or use a graphics mod pack.
  • We do our best to optimize all of our textures but with the inherit flaws of GTA, we cannot guarantee all settings will work flawlessly.