Voice Setup

This guide was written for the RedrumRP FiveM roleplay server. To sign up, click here and follow the instructions.

Setup Instructions

  1. Close TeamSpeak (It is not used anymore.)
  2. If needed, click the Join Server button in the RedrumRP launcher to join the server
  3. Press Escape, then configure your GTA settings as follows:
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Voice Chat Enabled: On
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Output Device : Your Headphone Speakers
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Voice Chat Volume: MAX
    • Settings > Voice Chat > SFX Volume during Voice Chat: Your Preference
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Music Volume during Voice Chat: Your Preference
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Microphone Enabled: On
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Input Device: Your Microphone
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Voice Chat Mode: Push To Talk
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Microphone Volume: MAX
    • Settings > Voice Chat > Microphone Sensitivity: MAX
  4. Configure GTA Key Binding settings as follows:
    • Settings > Key Bindings > GTA Online > Push to Talk: N or Pick a Mouse Button


  • Talk in World or Phone Call: N (Change in Settings > Keybindings > GTA Online)
  • Talk on Radio: Y (Change in Settings > FiveM)
  • Change Proximity: HOME (Change in Settings > FiveM)
  • Change Active Radio Channel: DELETE (Change in Settings > FiveM)
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