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Weed Crafting

This guide was written for the REDRUM Roleplay FiveM server. To sign up for REDRUM Roleplay, click here.


  • Plant your own weed using seeds and tend to them using Trimming Scissors and Water Barrels
  • There are 8 types of weed, seeds, and joints (strain type noted by S# in item name)
  • Smoke weed buds (use item in inventory) for lesser effect than joints
  • Weed and joints both provide faster running speed with increasing strain type (joints give 2x the buff). See Buff Details
  • The higher the quality/strain, the less thirsty you get and more stress it relieves (joints are 2x effective again)
  • Weed sale price increases by the strain type
  • You always get 1 seed of the same strain back when harvesting and there's a small chance to get the next tier
  • There is a chance to find cannabis seeds from scrapping A/C units, searching trash cans and other activities
  • You must turn weed Flower into Joints or Ounces using the Inventory Crafting system (/craft)
  • To advance the growth of your plants, you must purchase Trimming Scissors and Empty Water Barrels from MegaMall or YouTool
  • Empty water barrels can be filled at any body of water (grow near water for easier tending)
  • Seeds can only be sowed in certain types of soil, outside with no overhead cover, and on relatively flat ground
  • Police can spot weed plants using thermal vision from their Police Maverick helicopter up to 150m away (plants glow orange)
  • Plants will die if they are not watered or trimmed in time

Growth Stages (Real Time)

  • Plant - WAIT 1 minute
  • Water WITHIN 5 minutes
  • Trim WITHIN 5 minutes
  • Growing - WAIT 2 hours
  • Trim WITHIN 18 hours
  • Growing - WAIT 2 hours
  • Water WITHIN 18 hours
  • Growing - WAIT 2 hours
  • Harvest WITHIN 18 hours
  • Total Wait Time: 6hrs

Items and Effects

  • Weed (using Bong) - Increases/Decreases by Strain:
    • 2-30% less drunk
    • 2-35% speed buff
    • 5-30% less stress
    • 22-3% thirstier
    • 22-3% hungrier
  • Weed (using Joint) - Increases/Decreases by Strain:
    • 5-70% less drunk
    • 5-70% speed buff
    • 10-60% less stress
    • 20-0% thirstier
    • 20-0% hungrier