• RedrumRP

    An engaging serious role-play FiveM server and community.

  • RedrumRP

    An engaging serious role-play FiveM server and community.

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  • A lot of custom stuff to do in city. Active admin team. Had some of best RP in RedrumRP. If you have not tried it give it a go.

  • I've played in a few GTA RP servers but this one has to take the cake. Great welcoming community that will help with any problems you may encounter.

  • Everyone is loving, and everyone does their job right <3 I recommend this to everyone.

  • If you are looking for a great RP server then no need to look further then Redrum. Very dedicated server owner/developer. There are so many activities to do around the city whether it be the criminal side of life or earning a hard honest living. There is very active LEO and Medics at all times of the day.

  • A place where the roleplay is taken seriously and the staff is there to make sure that the roleplay and the balance is the most important thing! I love it here. If you love serious RP this is the Spot for you!

  • This server is great. Like any server it has it's hiccups with people who don't grasp RP. The admin team is very quick to answer tickets up support, abuse and bugs found in the server. There are constant community events and communications about upcoming things. Amazing server and wont be going anywhere else anytime soon.

  • I am new to RP on GTA. I just joined a few weeks ago. When I went looking for a server to join I came across RedrumRP. I believe the players and the admin staff that run this server is what makes this server great. So many different things to try on this server it will keep you busy for hours. Not only have I joined RedrumRP but all my friends have followed. Best choice ever.

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