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Come see why players love the REDRUM Roleplay serious RP experience!


  • I made Redrum my home over 2 years ago, and wouldn’t change a thing. Structured police force ran by competent humans, Kind EMS that will go out of their way to help, to the big boss who keeps all the nonsense away from the RP. If you are looking for a long term place to make friends and grow your character, this is the place to go.

  • This community is absolutely AMAZING! This has been my first city that I got into as an RP player and by far the best and most close knit group of players i have seen through multiple other servers. I have gotten invites and accepted into multiple other cities and have turned them all down to stick here with Redrum Roleplay! The server owner Red is ON TOP OF HIS GAME! Backing this server is not a requirement but I have no problem putting money to this server as the server owner Red puts it all 100% back into this city! Constantly updating and adding multiple new things to do in city, whether it be boosting, drug dealing, selling or fixing cars, become a successful business owner, IT IS ALL HERE! Great server definitely 10/10

  • This city, community, and staff are always working with players to get better and do better, overall the city has some of the best potential there could ever be. REDRUM RP has been my home for over a year now and I enjoy every second of it. To the interactions, to the admin taking action as soon as he can on player, and bug reports. Being one person running this server he is overall AMAZING. I would reccomend this server to many many others and I have.

    Come try the city out, Bring your friends, Have fun boosting, robbing banks, Interacting with gangs, or even joining a gang. and make sure to use #create-ticket channel to make a report, or support request! Hope to see some new faces around!

  • I’ve been in the city for about five months now and this is where I’ve decided to call my RP home. There are many city opportunities like EMS, PD, and gang life. I really enjoy the business aspect of the city. Owning and using a business for RP is the most satisfying thing for me in the city. I hold my restaurants and keep up with them like a baby. This is also a great place to meet new people and form beautiful friendships. The staff is active and constantly making changes to the city to keep up/ adapt to what the city needs. I always recommend this city to people looking for a good RP experience.

  • since i have come back to this community i have enjoyed every min and bit about it the staff is allways working and helping you out when need it i reccommend this city if you want a home to stay redrum rp is the home you need to be at there is so much that redrumrp has to offer you so why not apply today join the discord and get signed up NOW ??

  • I started out playing on Redrum Roleplay by April of 2021. Ever since then, I’ve been constantly in this city, never moved anywhere else. It’s a great optimized place, with good support from both the members and staff team. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, you will find it here! Bring others with you, more people means more RP and that’s what everyone wants! Steady PD and EMS, lots of civilian and criminal activities to do as well as lots of options to choose from when it comes to how you wanna live your life here! Definitely recommend trying it out!

  • The city and community are one of the most welcoming places ive been in. Is easy for begginers to learn activitys and make friends (TWEETING IS BEST WAY LOL) Frequent changes and overall just fun to be apart of, so come check it out.

  • I can not say enough good things about this server!! I’ve called this city my home for well over 3 years. There is alway new things being rolled out, and the people in this community are by far some of the best. I can’t count how many amazing role play interactions I’ve had over the 5 characters I’ve ran with in this server. If you’re looking for a solid city to call your home this is the ONE!! I TELL YUH JOIN UP NOW

  • One of the most enjoyable communities, everyone is very helpful and fun to be around. Plenty of different things to do while you’re in city.

    Also has a very quick staff team who will help with your problems (Bug reports, abuse reports etc…) Always getting new things added for you to experience

  • REDRUM RP is the first roleplay server that I have ever been in and I’ve been here for almost a year! (April 2022) - The most recent boosting addition has been something that I really enjoy doing with friends, and something that I love chasing when on my PD side.

    I have always had quick responses from the admin & they never fail to help me when I need it. I have made tons of friends from this community and have shared lots of memories! It’s always exciting to meet new people and show them around whenever I can.

    From being able to own your own business, to boosting cars, and also participating in gang wars, REDRUM has it all!

  • Great people to interact with and amazing rp. There will always be someone in the city down to get you sorted on how the city works

  • One of the first serious servers i got to be apart of, also cant forget the grind that comes with it. over 1000 hours of playtime here. Great Admin team, Rp is a thing here, no kids running around asking for 100k,and with that said i would recommend this server to someone who is new or a vet to rp.

  • The Police side of things is great and you’ll have a lot of fun being a criminal.
    been here a year and the owner/Develper is on top of things. The community is extremely welcoming.

  • Great server, Staff Admin knows what to bring in to the city. There is a bunch of stuff to do and there is always new stuff coming. Ive enjoyed this city for the past yeah and a half. Hoping there is more good times to come.

  • I was bouncing around from server to server tryna find a new place to call home. Ended up finding Redrum and immediately fell in love with the community. Amazing roleplay and people who you cant help but look up to. One of the most helpful communities that I love and cherish. I have no plans on leaving anytime soon.

    Shoutout to the server owner who puts his all into improving the quality of life for people who are looking for a good RP experience.

    Highly Recommend.

  • Redrum has been my home for over 2 years now and i’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Through my 3 characters over my time here, I’ve experienced life in an MC and a southside gang, and carried out jobs such as a mechanic, PD, pilot, taxi driver and a car dealer all of which have been very enjoyable. There is always something new being added and support has always been great for me. The people in the city are amazing too, lots of friendly and helpful people about all down to have a good time.

    You get out, what you put in here. People here are receptive, so the more effort you put into your RP, the more you recieve. It’s a fantastic place for newer people to come to learn more, but also very enjoyable for more experienced players.

    I would highly recommend Redrum RP to anyone!

  • I’ve been in this city for 2 1/2 years. It has grown a lot during that time and has only gotten better with each update and new feature. City is very active with PD, EMS and gangs which present lots of opportunites to interact with other members of the community. The staff are awesome and are quick to fix bugs and are open to implementing new features or ideas to make the community even better. I’ve met many great people and friends in this city and would strongly recommend this city to anyone who wants to have a fun time and good RP experience. So go on, hit that join button and come join us…you won’t regret it.

  • I’ve been in the city for almost a year now and have had the time of my life! Recently started in the gang life after living civilian life for quite some time and it’s opened the doors to so many more adventures. Admins take the time to ensure tickets are responded to in a timely manner, all while incorporating new aspects for everyone to enjoy. Everything from custom clothing to quality friendships can be made here!

  • A constantly evolving city which allows you to dive into the deep end no matter your previous roleplay experience, there will always be others who are around to help you and guidde you in the correct way. The community as a whole is amazing and like no other that you would see. Found this server over 2 years ago and there is always something that happens that keeps you coming back and wanting more.

  • This server is amazing. Great police, great doctors, okay frank lake, great updates.

  • I joined this city during lockdown, it very quickly became the place I knew I wanted to stay in, I was brand new to RP and had to learn all of the terminology and what not to say, I started off as your everyday citizen, got a job at PDM and things only went up from there. I’ve now been here a year and 9 months, I’m full time PD and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’ve made a lot of friendships in this server and will continue to make more. The owner is on top of things and changes are made all the time and keeps us going. I would recommend joining us for some great RP experiences and making friends from people all over the world.

  • Been around the city for over two years and just keep coming back. Have had breaks here and there, but something about this place keeps bringing you back. The people are amazing and helpful no matter if you are just starting out or have some prior experience in rp. Something is always going on, and you can always find something to do.

  • well what can i say i made my plane fight in to the city over 2 years ago and it was the best plane fight i made there is so much to do in the city with job opportunities from becoming a Mech, PD, EMS, Lawyer and owning your own business shop’s restaurants and so much more and the commuity is so friendly i am blessed in the city to be running a mech shop and the RP you get with people while your repairing there car or making them a engine kit for there car i enjoy the aspect that i get to go mining for the stone then you have to break the stone down to get the material you need to smelt into ingots to repair the cars or make a engine kit and the server own go’s far and beyond with the city to try and bring as much new stuff in that he can thanks for letting me be a part of the REDRUM Roleplay commuity.

  • I have been in this server for almost a whole year now and I have enjoyed every moment of it! The interactions with LEOs and other officials is realistic at the same time it’s refreshing and fun! There is unlimited amount of possibilities to take your character within this city. The only real limitation will be your imagination! Don’t just take my word for it, come experience the awesomeness for yourself and apply TODAY!!

  • As a programmer you always enjoy what people are building and workign on. This city is no excpetion, red is always working on something for the city. Some may be a flop some may take off and be fire, you never know till you try. Hope to see you in the city.

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